Corporate Team Building Events to Improve Output And Efficiency

By | November 19, 2019

A healthy work environment, improved team spirit, and raised productivity are all signs of a good organization. For an employee, an ideal organization to work is not just the one that provides a high salary, it is the one that promotes a smooth work environment and meets employee’s expectations, rendering work an interesting place to be in. For improving team spirit and encouraging healthy competition, corporate team building activities (whether indoor or outdoor) is the best. These activities improve interpersonal relationships within the employees and motivates them to work as a team.

Corporate Team Building Events to Improve Output And Efficiency

Corporate team building events allow everyone at the workplace to showcase their team spirit. The motive behind such corporate learning programs is to inculcate the sense of team spirit in the employees and understand the advantages of being in a team. Roller coaster challenge, cooking challenge, board games are few activities specially designed by the companies for the purpose of team building.

Team Building games allow people to know the strength of a group and develop inter-personal relations with other members of the team. These games are not individual-centric, it is to develop team participation and are focused on a group.

It fills the knowledge gap between the team members. Today, every company must hold a team-building activity session for the development of the employees. This is because; these activities tend to motivate employees to work their best and also act as a relaxing and stress relieving session for them.
Nowadays, companies are hiring specialist corporate trainers to undertake interesting corporate training programs and events. Below mentioned are a few of the effective ones.

1. Mobile Adventure Programs:

If you don’t have time for outdoor activities, but wish to conduct some engaging and exciting activities within your workplace, MAPs are the best option. Mobile adventure activity finds its place in both indoor and outdoor categories. Famous games included in this section are:
a) Turning point: These are the activities that help employees understand the value of their work systems. Here, they discover the advantages of seeing work processes as a whole instead of as a part.
b) Keypunch: This involves activities where employee’s reaction and response to the situation decides the overall team performance. Through this activity, participants can learn the significance of being flexible and the requirement of responding to the change instantly.

2. Clay challenge:

Yes, you heard it right; clay challenge can actually help in team building. In this activity, participants will make colorful clay items that will be symbolic of their behavior, personality, and their relation with their colleagues. The main motive behind this game is to learn the theory of Constructionism, which means learning through the personal discovery of knowledge. It also encourages employees to think creatively.