Reversing Sensors Easily Prevent Accidents by Detecting Obstacles

By | December 9, 2019

By detecting obstacles behind you and in front of you, reversing sensors aid your maneuverability both behind and in front of you, ensuring that no vehicle damage or accidents involving pedestrians take place. The ultrasonic proximity sensor technology will emit sound waves behind your car, which bounces off obstacles and back on to your sensor. The remaining distance is the time taken for the sound waves to bounce and return from obstructions behind your car. Reversing sensors can range from the traditional reversing sensors, with an audible alert, or more advanced systems, with a combined display and audio feedback, individual adhesive reversing sensors, bumper mounted strips and reversing cameras.

Reversing Sensors Easily Prevent Accidents

If you are unsure as to which reversing sensors to invest in, visit the Vision Techniques website.

Benefits of reversing sensors

Aside from the many obvious safety benefits, there are huge money savings to be made with reverse sensors and reversing camera systems. Preventing just one accident a reversing sensor will pay for itself. Vehicle damage and insurance costs can make an accident an expensive business. Any insurance costs will impact the next year’s renewal fees. Reversing sensors and cameras allow you to reverse with confidence without having to worry about potential damages.

Fitting of reversing sensors

Some reversing sensors are extremely easy to install yourself with only a two-wire connection. Some, however, are complicated and can only be installed by a qualified engineer. You can order your reverse sensors from Vision Techniques.

Reversing camera systems and reversing aids

Vision Techniques vehicle cameras, available for the rear, side, front or internal views, can be used for a wide variety of applications. The range of cameras can be used as reversing cameras or for digital recording.

Cameras are available in mini, color, high resolution, and shutter options.

Vision Techniques’ comprehensive range of reverse camera systems is successful throughout all transport industries and sectors. Millions of lives have been entrusted to Vision Techniques – which is recognized as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vehicle-based rear vision systems to aid safe reversing.

From workers in hazardous environments to small children crossing the road – this award-winning firm has played a vital role in their protection. From 3.5″ monitors for lighter commercial vehicles or where the cab space is restricted to 7.5″ monitors for heavy-duty applications, monitors from Vision Techniques are highly durable and reliable. Available in high-resolution and waterproof, they can be used as monitors in a reversing camera system or for digital monitoring. Vision Techniques works with its clients to produce new, innovative vehicle safety products. With a range of reversing aids, reverse sensors, auto-braking systems, and vehicle CCTV, you can be sure that you will find a vehicle safety solution to suit your needs. Vision Techniques’ ultrasonic reversing systems will ensure maximum vehicle safety within your organization. Reversing aids such as proximity sensors and reversing cameras, allowing drivers to see the reversing distance and read the distances in order to prevent errors.