What Kind of Podcast Format Should I Choose?

By | February 10, 2021

There are numerous one of a kind codecs that you may pick out to apply to your podcasting quest. The sort of layout will truly depend upon the motive of your podcast and the way you make a decision to percentage relative content material on your listening audience. It ought to be a terrific suit for them and a terrific suit for you.

Seasonal or Episodic?

Before you begin, you have to determine in case you need to document your podcast seasonally (like they do on television). If you observe the season concept, you may document all your content material for the 12 months in a brief span of time (say, more than one month). You then launch the episodes so as and on a predetermined time table (for example, each Monday at 9 am).


Once you’ve got completed the desired quantity of episodes for the season, you may loosen up and begin making ready for “subsequent season.” This lets you have some months of scheduled downtime earlier than recording, modifying, and publishing all over again for the subsequent season.

This approach will even permit you to present a “subject” on your episodes for the season. You will even have the ability to interrupt up a protracted subject matter into episodes and preserve all of them below a subject for the season.

Choose a layout that works for you.

Having a particular layout will assist you to hold your customers. Once they have got commenced listening and just like the layout, they may additionally be capable of advocating your display effortlessly via way of means of describing factors or factors that they like.

There are numerous codecs that you may pick out from:

Interview: In this layout, you may interview one of a kind visitors every episode. A gain to be received from the usage of this layout is that it may create a feeling of anticipation for your listeners. By way of means of developing a timetable, listeners will realize earlier which visitor you may interview subsequently. On the drawback though, visitors are probably difficult to locate and time table. Plus, a visitor might not display up and depart you with nobody to interview.

Co-host: Two or greater individuals host the display on this layout. Usually, the tone of this sort of podcast is conversational and friendly. Its cap potential to effortlessly benefit listeners makes this one of the maximum famous styles of podcasts. The key to fulfillment right here is to pick out the proper co-host. Each must co-host harmonize and supplement every different like peanut butter and jelly. If the chemistry is poor, matters can move truly bad, very fast.

Panel: This sort of podcast includes a couple of hosts, commonly inside a particular or associated subject of expertise. Each can supply their personal particular angle on given subjects. This is right for debatable subjects and generally tend to enchantment to a much broader set of audience.

Though the panel method gives severa benefits: it comes with its truthful percentage of risks as well. It is more difficult to manipulate the go with the drift of the conversation. Also, it is probably tough to coordinate as you ought to consider everyone’s time table. It makes you relatively dependent on your panelists.

Solo: The Solo Podcast is via way of means of a long way the perfect to start; because it’s simply you and your audience. You are in overall control; therefore, your fulfillment isn’t always depending on a co-host or panel. It is likewise simpler to construct relationships together along with your listeners this way. This layout is right for marketers and marketers, interested in branding.

A solo podcast can serve to inform, educate, or entertain. If you’ve got got an evidently colorful and active personality, then that is the appropriate kind for you. As a solo host, recall to be informed approximately your content material, loosen up and simply have fun. If you sense such as you lack confidence, you may constantly exercise earlier than embarking upon your podcasting journey.

Hybrid: This sort of podcast has an assigned host who on occasion lets in different individuals to host the display as well. The Hybrid is pretty famous with writers. Using this approach, you may time table visitor writers or visitor hosts can exhibit their paintings to your audience.

The Hybrid lets in you to preserve matters thrilling as you may transfer among every sort of podcasts because it fits you. For example, You will have an interview one week, move solo some other week and do a mixture of each for the subsequent week.